Caffeinated Camera 2012

Someone named Valerie Duvick posted a note to the Facebook page today thanking me for letting them know about the upcoming (in two days) Caffeinated Camera event at Fairgrounds Coffee House.

She has reposted the announcement on her website.

“How nice,” I thought to myself… then I realized… the event I’d posted an announcement about was a year ago. Apparently the promotional materials for the event (that I’d copied and pasted to my site) didn’t indicate the year which for this event was 25 February 2011.

Now that word is quickly spreading about this year’s event, I’m feeling like it might be worth having again. I’m going to see if Bruce Thayer is up for having a second annual Caffeinated Camera event at Fair Grounds. Or, maybe some local photographers would be interested in just gathering to meet, chat, and share ideas. We’ll see what materializes.

Check back here for more details.


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